Engine prime 1.6 doesn't start on Mac OS 11.2

I was happy to read that the update 1.6 was compatible with Big Sur. Unfortunately the application did not start at all.

We tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting, starting in safe mode.

Is there any known problem with this, or solution for it?

Are you on Intel or M1?

It’s a MacBook Pro 2014 with an Intel processor.

Try to rename the old engine database and start up fresh…

Tnx for your answer NoiseRiser. I renamed the Engine Library, no effect. I deleted the database, no effect. However, when I’m opening the Application folder > Contents > MacOS > Engine prime, the application starts and runs, together with Terminal. When I close Terminal however, the application closes as well.

Any idea how to run the application without? Just by pressing the shortcut I want to be able to run it normally again

@KDonaldson, can You check this, please?

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@Reese I think we have a duplicate account here :+1:

Already been dealt with. No serious issues. :wink: