Engine Prime 1.5 - "Missing" Crate does not appear


In the old versions of the software, when moving or deleting a track in the source folder, a Collection Crate called “MISSING” or something similar was generated, which allowed me to delete the songs that were no longer in the database In an easy way. I have run the clean up data base and I really don’t know why it works, I see everything the same and it does not delete the songs that were not removed.

The CRATE MISSING function for me was super functional.

Is it possible that they can place this function again?

See here And vote for the feature request

you could also check this out as a possible interim solution

(At your own risk)


Hello @mufasa,

It is what I do, I modify the database, I go out of the application and I delete the entries with a script and it works for me, I really want to stop the system, that previous versions did.

The other ideas are great, vote for them.