Engine Prime 1.5 Artwork with Apple Music 1.0.4 on Mac with Catalina

New Engine Prime user. It found and loaded up my sizable Apple Music library, but there is zero artwork. It seems strange that it would have all these native integrations and it can’t find the artwork :frowning:

I don’t want to add artwork by hand using Yale to thousands of tracks. Is the software really this broken? Would it be worth dropping down a version?

Have you right clicked and update track info (or words to that effect)?

Yes :frowning:I’ve followed all the steps I could find on the forums and elsewhere. This seems to be a software problem. My Apple Music library looks great within Apple Music showing all artwork.

Did you try a fresh library ie

rename or move the ENGINE FOLDER in your computers internal music folder (if you use external drives do the same)

When you start up engine prime, you will have an empty library if done correctly, now reimport via the itunes tab and see if the artwork makes it over.

Remember to add the tracks from the itunes panel (in EP) to the Collection.

I moved my Engine Library and reinstalled Engine Prime and did a full fresh reimport and then reimported track information and then analyzed all the tracks. It never picked up the artwork.

This feels like a very basic use case since I’m not doing anything out the ordinary. I can’t imagine Denon didn’t test with a combo of the latest version of everything :confused:

Time to file a bug report then.