Engine Prime 1.5.0 Crashing On Startup

I’ve been having some issues with Engine Prime on my laptop. Every time I open EP 1.5.0 so I can analyze songs to transfer to my Prime 4, it crashes. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and it still keeps crashing. My laptop is a brand new HP running Windows 10. I am running out of ideas how to get EP working again.

Hi TMundstock.

I have experienced this in the past but not with the latest version 1.5 and unfortunately i could get no resolve having to do a fresh install of Windows 10 pro which i would suggest is a last ditch effort. I believe this to be a Windows problem only as i have yet to see any Mac owners experience the same problem on the forum, i do not think this has anything to do with Engine prime itself as it does not generate any crash logs, at least for me.

What you could try is the following.

Run Engine Prime with Administrator priviledges [right click the icon will give you this option]. If this doesn’t work try the next step.

Uninstall EP again and remove all instances of the Engine backup folder, one of which will exist in your /Music folder on Windows - even better copy it temporarily to a temporary folder in case you want to try and roll back. Try installing again, if this fails roll back Windows to the previous version and try the above again, you can roll back your last windows update if you go to the Windows update settings.

If this does not work, restore your OS to a previous date using the system restore tools - this can be reversed if needed. If this doesn’t work.

Try creating a second profile with Admin rights and install the software to this profile, run EP and if it works create a system restore point so you can fall back in the vent of it happening again.

If none of this works, which it didn’t for me [the last option worked for another user on the forum] then as stated at the begining you may have to reinstall Windows - harsh i know but unless someone else can step in then i have no other suggestions.

Hope you can get it sorted.

I think the same thing had happened to me. For me it eventually worked by renaming the Engine directory on all hard disks and then restarting Engine Prime. Then I was able to restart the program again.

Same for me. 1.5 does not work. prevous 1.3.8 worked fine

jack1 Did you try any of the above steps?

Im having the same problem and reinstalling windows just to get EP working again isnt an option atm. Has anyone spoken with Denon about this?

Update: I have deleted the Engine library folder everywhere I could find it, and still EP wont load up all the way. Windows 10 64bit

Did you try creating a second user account and install to that account?

I just did and it works on the new account. is there not a way to make it work with my main account where all of my workflow is? (stream deck, goxlr, razer settings, hot keys, etc) having to swap accounts just to use EP really ■■■■■. The problem persists under my main user acct so (im thinking) its got to be some filepath or registry error hidden somewhere that is the culprit and Im hoping that the issue isnt going to just repeat on the new acct.

Unfortunately i can’t answer that, i faced the same issue’s with 1.3.4 and after some head scratching found this method to work, wiping a computer is a last resort, but it was something i was able to afford.

I have no idea why this happens but i do know that there is no error log generated for me when EP failed to load or stalls on the loading screen, i ‘think’ it may be something to do with registry entries but that’s just an estimated guess and seeing as most reg cleaners tend to be bloated it kind of a double edge sword.

I never reported to Denon [although in hindsight i probably should have] the problem due to my feelings that this is nothing to do with EP or that the reports of this happening appear to be minimal.

With so many configurations of hardware these days i would suggest it is impossible for certain software packages to just work.

What is all that “workflow” stuff? It could be one or more of those things that’s stopping EP from running…

I had a problem with Serato recently, where it just shut straight back down when I tried to open it. By sheer luck I discovered it was caused by my Firefox installation.

I decided to remove my Developer Edition of Firefox after having issues with YouTube not showing images of the videos. Reverted back to standard Firefox, which not only fixed the YouTube issue, but now Serato actually stays open.

Im also a streamer so all of my gaming profiles, hot keys, etc are on my main acct and I also work from home as an engineer and everything is tied to my main. Interesting that firefox would prevent you from having a stable Serato session.

I’d suggest that any gaming related stuff ideally be kept away from the DJing stuff, as I have certainly seen posts on the VDJ forum from users who eventually discovered their issues were caused by some gaming app/addon/enhancer etc.