Engine Prime 1.4.0 PUBLIC BETA 2

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for all your feedback thus far on Engine Prime 1.4.0. This build brings fixes for the most common crashes and issues that got reported in the first round of Public beta. Please find the release notes and download links below.

As always, we look forward to your feedback!

Improvements and Fixes in Engine Prime 1.4.0 Public Beta 2

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting/cancelling multiple MCX8000 database exports
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing / updating large libraries
  • Fixed an issue where iTunes playlists imported as Engine Prime crates/playlists would export with no tracks
  • Fixed an issue where Performance data of an externally located track would not be exported correctly after packing a playlist from one external drive to another
  • Fixed an issue where crates created and exported in an older version of Engine Prime would not be auto-selected via Sync Manager
  • Fixed an issue where the Export to MCX8000 button would become unclickable
  • Fixed an issue where an unanalyzed local crate could not be exported to MCX8000 via Sync Manager

Known Issues Engine Prime 1.4.0 - Public Beta 2

  • EULA window in 1.4.0 will still show an ‘update available’ option if the ‘Ignore version’ option was selected from the EULA window in the last officially released version of Engine Prime

  • Playlists can show an incorrect ‘Drive’ location if tracks are added to local playlist from an External drive

  • Database migration % can go higher than 100% after migration is complete

How to Install

To run the program, download and install the package for your particular OS. For Mac users, run from the Applications folder. For windows users, run the application from the desktop shortcut.

This will install a new version of Engine Prime with ‘Beta’ icon alongside your current Engine Prime version.

Important Note

You should back up the Music / Engine Library folder & any additional Engine Library folders on external hard drives / USB devices as a safety precaution before installation. You should always back up your music collection as a safety precaution before installation. Please read this post prior to installing any Beta build: READ BEFORE INSTALL


[MAC | [PC]

Useful Links:


Curious if anyone tested BETA 2 with a Mac running the latest version of Catalina and Apple Music. BETA 1 never worked for me and I had to go back to using my windows PC with iTunes.

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Catalina is an osx so disappointing (rotten) that I would not even dare to test it and install it (it’s the equivalent to Yosemite to say besides Apple blocked the possibility of leaving reviews on the appstore not to be dismantled, the version may be finally drinkable in the final version … business to follow !!! Mojave is so much better

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I accidentally updated to Catalina back in October - iTunes became Apple Music. Since then I haven’t been able to use it with the Engine software. Beta 1 kept crashing on me. I’m hoping I have better luck with Beta 2.

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I was just reading the release notes of the Engine Prime Public beta #1 and it mentions support for Catalina OSX and Apple Music. Weren’t these persistent issues I read of here meant to get sorted in beta 1…or are they going to have it sorted out in beta 2? In regards to the EP public beta 1 release notes and now reading these comments on this post isn’t it any wonder im still reluctant to update to Catalina and use Apple Music.

I just finished trying the Beta 2 on my Mac with Catalina. It still keeps shutting down the Engine software when I try to sync or drag and drop. I’m done messing with Catalina and Engine. Back to my super slow Windows PC.

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I bought a Macbook Pro 16" at Christmas and instantly bootcamped it lwith Windows 10. Haven’t been in the Mac side since. Runs absolutely perfect on Windows

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Bootcamp Mac to run windows 10 - interesting. I like this idea - I’m going to try it. Thank you for the tip.

I’m running an iMac with Catalina and Apple Music. I never had a problem with BETA 1 and I’m running BETA 2 now… again, no issues here. I wonder why BETA 1 didn’t work for you.

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Interesting. Curious- did you format the Prime4 internal harddrive as exFat? Denon instructions say were should use exFat which works perfectly with Windows. But I’m curious if I change it to Fat32 if this will make a difference.

Yes, I formatted as exFat

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Okay finally figured out why my Mac/Catalina kept shutting down after the Beta update. Under Security & Settings - Privacy - files and folders - there is a check box for Engine Prime Beta that needed to be checked. As soon as I checked it - everything worked! Thanks for your help.

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If it take 10 to 15 mins to load tracks / collection to a usb drive with the OLD engine. Why wait 1 to 2 hours for this new “gimic” Prime 1.4.0 to load… Can Denon just give us smart creates and STOP with the crap updates!!!

It’s just the same thing as the old Music Management program but “Some how even worse then before”… STOP the trying to fix BPM, Gridding, and all the SUPER DUPER stuff and make ENGINE PRIME a MUSIC MANAGEMENT program FRIST…


cos it’s still beta … ? :roll_eyes:

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You SO need TO get YOUR keyboard CAPSLOCK button SORTED out FIRST.

It’s OBVIOUSLY faulty. It KEEPS engaging AND it’s LIKE you’re SHOUTING at US.

Have a look in the suggestions section and if someone has already asked for these smart crates that you’re after, then LIKE their post so that Denon know the idea has got another vote . If the idea isn’t there already in the suggestions section then add it yourself using the supplied form from that section

Not SHOUTING at you troll just Denon​:joy::joy: