Engine Prime 1.4.0 PUBLIC BETA 1

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to our first Public Beta for Engine Prime 1.4.0. This beta brings MacOS Catalina & Apple Music app support, a new Sync Manager feature, and a number of additional enhances and improvements.

Find the full release notes and download links below. We look forward to your feedback!

Release Notes - Engine Prime 1.4.0 Public Beta

New Features:

  • Sync Manager - export music to removable drives and sync metadata back to Engine Prime from Engine Ready hardware
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina support
  • Apple Music app support
  • Crate, Playlist, third-party collection and folder icons are now located on the left side bar
  • Add Crate, Playlist, Playlist Folder icons are now located in the tree view of the collection panel
  • Device Panel moved to bottom of collection panel and can now display multiple devices open at once


  • Optimized Serato DJ collection import times
  • Fixed an issue where display could freeze when force removing active audio device
  • Fixed an issue where new Traktor performance data was not updated when re-imported
  • Fixed an issue where creating new crates/playlists/playlist folders would not highlight the correct crate/playlist/folder for renaming
  • Fixed an issue where tracks with a BPM value of 125.00 could not be doubled
  • Fixed an issue where album artwork could not be updated if the artwork was added to the track after first import
  • Fixed an issue where MCX8000 Compatibility status was not detected on third-party libraries
  • Fixed an issue where file type was not shown on first import of third-party libraries
  • Fixed an issue where BPM filter does not display all results
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips for underlying elements displayed incorrectly when search field selection box was open
  • Fixed an issue where USB drives would fail to eject
  • Fixed an issue where Engine Prime could be quarantined by antivirus software
  • Fixed an issue where loading an un-analyzed track could change the sort order
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Serato DJ library import/update
  • Fixed an issue where tracks imported from Serato DJ could show a date added value of 01-01-1970
  • Fixed an issue where the Search box could lose focus while typing
  • Fixed an issue where the total time of a crate/playlist could show as 0 seconds on first import
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts that were not working as expected
  • Added a warning message if the default ‘Music’ folder is unavailable
  • Fixed an issue where packing a playlist from within a playlist folder from one external drive to another would sometimes fail
  • Fixed an issue where export to MCX8000 would fail if the track(s) exist only on the destination drive
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar wouldn’t respond correctly during drag n drop to device panel
  • Other various stability enhancements and improvements

Known Issues

  • EULA window in 1.4.0 will still show an ‘update available’ option if the ‘Ignore version’ option was selected from the EULA window in the last officially released version of Engine Prime

How to Install

To run the program, download and install the package for your particular OS. For Mac users, run from the Applications folder. For windows users, run the application from the desktop shortcut.

This will install a new version of Engine Prime with ‘Beta’ icon alongside your current Engine Prime version.

Important Note

You should back up the Music / Engine Library folder & any additional Engine Library folders on external hard drives / USB devices as a safety precaution before installation. You should always back up your music collection as a safety precaution before installation. Please read this post prior to installing any Beta build: READ BEFORE INSTALL


[MAC ] | [PC]

Useful Links:



This beta update improves Engine Prime on many aspects where it was (still) lacking behind Pioneer’s Rekordbox. Now it is ‘as good’ and on some aspects even better (e.g. very good UI) than the competition.

Best improvements in 1.4.0:

  • Obviously the Sync manager
  • Deleting tracks from external device if track is deleted from Collection (with warning on export)
  • Good synchronization of all the changed cue’s and loops back to Collection
  • More stable when ejecting devices (at least on my Surface Pro 4)

Keep up the exellent work!!


Thanks for the feedback @BartPouwels! I’ll share this with the team.

Are we able to edit the tags of more than one track at a time yet?

Not for this release sorry. We hear you though, and now how helpful this would be. Multi-track editing is one of the many improvements we hope to bring for our users in 2020.

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A new beatgrid analysis engine & flexible beatgrids are being worked on right at this moment, but they won’t be ready in time for this release.


Finally big steps forward Denon also waiting for editing songs (star rating) in the p4. wil try the beta and give an update about it !

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After instal, doesn’t sync all playlists with iTunes. (works after I backup iTunes again and rescan prime iTunes) During the analyze it reads serato, rekordbox, and traktor library while I have switched it off. Updating artwork is still taking it slow and takes a lot of time for 16.000 songs… every time again. Hope fully it will be fixed when the final version is online.

Regards Yuchi

Please post unexpected behavior in the Defects and Issues section. Be sure to use the provided template and include as much detail as possible.

Doing so will help us identify and resolve issues more efficiently.

Thank you for your help!

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So when you say the truth on engine prime, you are flagged as “inappropriate” ? :joy: :joy: Did’nt know that this forum was a dictatorship ! I’m from France, the land of democracy and freedom to say the truth, you know what it means ?? You’d better spend your time working on EP, to make it at least usable. Flagging my post as inappropriate won’t change the fact that your software is simply useless. Won’t participate at this forum anymore.

maybe writing crap and also offensive enough for them who are working hard to please all denon hardware owners! I was expelled for a comment on the pioneer dj forum and I can no longer write in their forum! feel lucky to have been only warned!



Really? Maybe look around some more…


If you get flagged, more than one has responded to your post. Kinda like democracy.


Sync Manager a god send definitely one thing what Engine Prime was definitely lacking downloaded and was a little disappointed that it didn’t have sync to itunes playlist like rekordbox as seeing like many people use both find its easier to create playlist in itunes then sync changes. At the moment when you refresh database in prime it does not sync with the newly created playlist in itunes Another one on my wish list is support for the Prime Series equipment on djay Pro 2 which would then give us back door access to Spotify streaming. Any chance on that ever happening?:clap::clap::clap::clap: https://www.algoriddim.com/hardware


Thanks for your feedback @Roachman

In its current state Sync Manager is for between the local Engine Prime collection and Engine Prime target devices. Third party library sync is something we hope to be able to provide in a future update. Cheers.

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I sort my playlists into subfolders. I can easily import these subfolders both as a playlist and as a crate into Engine Beta 4 and all the playlists in the directory are available.

However, if I change something in the playlists and synchronize them again or import them, I can no longer do so.

What am I doing wrong, or is that a bug?

First Import, i can import the main folder als playlist with all included playlists

Second Import, the option to import the main folder is not longer possible, i cant import the whole main folder anymore AND i cant import changed playlists

Word to the wise:

Follow the instructions on how “move” your old library out of the way when using the beta. Things WON’T work right if you don’t and it won’t be obvious. In my case, even though I had an empty library before I ran the beta, when I went to go sync a crate I added, it only did about 700MB out of 9GB.

Went back and actually read the instructions on backing up[1] and decided to blow away my library. Worked fine after.

[1] - How to Backup Your Engine Library

Hi I tried the new sync manager but it appears to be extremely slow. I started my ca. 20 GB music before I left my house yesterday and when I came back 3 hours later it wasn’t even at half the process bar. I used a USB 3.0 Sandisk on my Macbook. On rekordbox it doesn’t need that much time.

Morerover I hope you implement the possibility to drag and drop several folders on my mac to the playlist/crate section and not one by one…

Nevertheless I think the syncmanager is a great feature.

20GB Music - yeah, it’s going to take awhile…

Even straight dragging/dropping from the Windows/Mac OS environment will take hours, then the sync manager has to create/update the associated databases etc…

Your comment was inappropriate, offensive, off-topic and not constructive at all. So, yes, it was flagged by multiple users and removed.

This forum is a place to communicate with users and staff but should be done in a respectful manner. There are a lot of people who work very hard to improve Engine Prime software. Before you write a disrespectful comment think about the real people that you could be offending.

Thank you.