Engine Prime 1.31 failing to import tracks

If I remove all tracks from my collection and then (in this case) try and reimport them from Rekordbox… You know, like you might do in a real world situation, Engine Prime software then goes through the motions of importing the tracks again but the crate is then ALWAYS empty… There is then seemingly no way to get these tracks to appear in Engine Prime ever again.

Could somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS? I very much want to buy an Engine Prime 4 but bugs like this make me doubt the integrity of your software and hardware combo.

I had nothing but problems with the previous Engine Prime version where I would import tracks and they would then disappear on the next reload.

Here is a rather lengthy video of me reproducing this issue over and over again.

If it makes any difference, I’m on windows and all my tracks are on a NAS drive mapped as Y:

Hey there @logik1, thanks for posting! We checked out your video (thanks for that reference btw!) and it seems like there is a file in the ‘CARTERS ANTHEMS SET NEW STYLE’ Rekordbox playlist that Engine PRIME is rejecting. Our Dev Team is recommending that you import that playlist in batches (5-10 songs at a time), until you find the song file that Engine rejects. If said song file is in a smaller batch of music, it’ll be easier to pinpoint them. Once you locate these songs, please let us know here so that we can continue to assist.

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I think its more serious than that… If I completely delete the Engine Prime database and then start from scratch… I import playlists and they work fine… after ive imported a few more earlier playlists are then empty.

I can try and get a 100% repro case with a smaller subset of files and get those on an ftp or something like that… This is driving me nuts… I really want to buy a Prime 4 but whilst I’ve got things like this happening I just cannot commit… I would very much like to work with you to get this behaviour fixed.

I’ve had other weird problems too with the previous version where it would import all the files and then when I quit and reloaded all the files would be marked as red and then wouldnt play…

either way for me, if I import any files from rekordbox (or any other source) then remove them from my collection i can then seemingly never re-add them… I did some poking about in the sql datatbases myself and it seemed that it was keeping references to the removed files in one of the database files… for some weird reason… not sure why that would be.

Here is another video, starting with a fresh database… any file that has previously been added and then either removed from collection or removed from playlist will then never be able to be readded again… ever… this is infuriating.

Please please please fix this ASAP… There are other issues no doubt but these are the issues that are causing me the most problems at the moment.

Hi @logik1,

The problem here is that Engine Prime does not support NAS volumes. Please retry with files that exist on your local HD.

Hey JWILL… Engine Prime can and will support network drives… You have bugs in your code. Here is a 30 minute video of me diagnosing and figuring out how to fix these path errors. I can fix the path errors for tracks added into Playlists by manually correcting the path in an sqlite editor but it looks as though files added to Crates somehow corrupt the sqlite database and we end up with entries that are inaccessible.

Long story short is that these entries end up with a drive letter + path instead of what your software is looking for which seems to be a …/…/…/…/ path.

Saying that Engine Prime doesn’t support NAS volumes is not really an excuse here… You just have a couple of bugs and I would really appreciate somebody acknowledging this and working towards a fix.

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Hi @logik1,

Thanks for your patience. As mentioned, Engine Prime does not support NAS volumes at this time. But, we appreciate your troubleshooting and are happy to provide your feedback to our team for consideration in future updates.

For Engine Prime v1.3.1, please host the files from a local drive and I’m sure you’ll see a better response.

I’m not in a position to be able to move them i’m afraid. Both Rekordbox and Traktor have databases that point to this network location and I’m not about to make a second copy just to sync with Engine Prime.