Engine Prime 1.3.2 Crashing, Failing to Launch, or Database Corruption

Hi Everyone,

In most cases users are experiencing a significant performance boost with Engine Prime 1.3.2. However, we have had a few limited reports of Engine Prime v1.3.2 crashing, failing to launch, and database corruption.

If anyone has experienced any of these issues, please take a few minutes to provide the information below. We want to better understand and address these reports to allow all users to benefit from the improvements in this release. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  1. Have you used the Prime 4 v1.4 public beta?

  2. Could you zip the database files inside the Engine Library folder and UPLOAD HERE.

  3. Is there anything specific you did that could’ve caused the corruption, or did it just happen with the upgrade to 1.3.2?

  4. Have you seen corruption on any earlier releases, or is this the first time?

  5. Please provide your full computer specs.

  6. If you start a fresh Engine Prime database (temporarily rename Engine Library folder) do you still see corruption?

  7. Did the corruption first appear on the software, or on hardware (Prime 4)?

  8. If possible please provide a screenshot of your system report (Mac) or ds diag (Windows).

Best regards,