Engine Prime 1.1 Packed/Gridded MP3s

I noticed today after taking my prime system for a spin that some mp3s are being analyzed when I load a song on my SC5000. The oddity is that I have already analyzed and re-analyzed my mp3s when setting up and prepping my music on my usb stick via Engine Prime 1.1. When I plugged my usb stick into my computer to get to the bottom of this issue, I noticed that out of 6,000 songs loaded on my stick, approximately 1,400 of them don’t have a created grid or not “packed” or a combination of both. Songs that are categorized as not having a grid initiates a “file not compatible with device” pop up box when I attempt to drop them in Engine’s player. When moving a file that show as not being “packed” into Engine’s player will not produce an error but will take about 3-5 seconds to produce a grid. The problem is that afterwards it still will not indicate that it has been packed under the “packed” category column. I have reanalyzed, analyzed and re-imported tag information for this segment of songs, and they still show in Engine as if they are newly imported song.

I made note of some of these mp3s (not packed) and booted up my system. I proceeded to load these songs and again the SC5000 begins analyzing these songs to create a beat grid. Now that I know that this is the culprit as to why certain songs are being analyzed over and over again by the SC5000, although technically they have but for some odd reason Engine can’t create a permanent grid for these songs. Is this a known issue or am I not doing something right that’s preventing 25% of my library to go without grids? BTW, I proceeded with deleting all songs that were showing as not having a grid since Engine obviously sees them as corrupt files.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Thorissr, I see that you said that you deleted the files which werent showing as haivng a grid, but if any other tracks have done this, could you try loading one of the tracks into Engine Prime (so that you can try to play it in Engine Prime) and advise whether it plays correctly, or not - thanks