Engine prime 1.1 observations

I have 2 computers,

  1. engine prime don’t find itunes files, the xml file is good.

  2. the sceen is unreadable and missing elements, version 1.0 works

Hi there JB.

Engine 1.1 is now able to work with iTunes folders in any user defined location. To point Engine Prime 1.1 to your itunes library, open Engine Prime 1.1, got to the Preferences icon (the cig, top right), click on the “library” tab, and click on [Location] and click through to you itunes folder.

The graphics have been updated on Engine Prime 1.1. To match this, computer users may need to check that their Graphics and Direct X drivers are up to date.



My link to the file is good. When I click on Refresh Itune, I see the job monitor, it import itunes library and artworks during 5 minutes and after nothing: No playlist in the left column.


I have uninstall engine 1.1 and install engine 1.0: Engine found all Itunes playlist, no update needed

I have update to engine 1.1 Engine don’t show Itune playlist.

I’m alone with this problem ?


I found a trick (in the meantime), I open itunes, and I drag and drop playlists