Engine Prime 1.1.1 crashes and corrupts WAV files

Last night I encountered a very repeatable bug with Engine Prime v1.1.1 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

When editing the artist, track name or album metadata of a WAV file, Engine Prime will often hang, crash out and from that point onward the WAV file is not playable in any media player as the WAV file is corrupt and unreadable. Luckily I have several backups of all my tracks, otherwise I would have been totally stuck!

Hi gnollins, sorry for this unusual occurance.

We’d be keen to know the history of the file (eg: Ripped from a bought CD? bought from a download site? etc, already edited with xx third party program to do x,y, or z to the sound file.

We’d also be keen to get a copy of the file for testing - are you able to PM me a link to your track, exactly as it was just before you tried editing the artist, track name etc.


Hi Gee,

I buy 99% of my music from Juno Download, previously in WAV but now in FLAC as Engine Prime seems to behave much better with FLAC.

I’ll find a track for you to test.

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I have the exact same experience. Seems to do with wav files not having tags or something. No problems with flacs or mp3. Only wav, freshly ripped.

I narrowed it down to WAVs which are not loaded.

Try this:

Load a WAV file into a deck in Engine Prime then edit the metadata. In my experience that works fine.

Now, edit another WAV file’s metadata without loading the track. After editing, now try loading the track…Engine Prime goes up in smoke and the WAV file is corrupt.

WAV’s and metadata … what can I say …

Well there’s nothing wrong with Broadcast Wav and metadata but no DJ programs seem to use them, not really sure why.

As I stated earlier, there is and never was a written agreement on how to standardize metadata in wav-files like they did for audio formats that came after that. So, while it’s contained in the file, programs can have different ways to read/write that metadata.