Engine OS v1.6 Public Beta Download & Release Notes

Hi Everyone,

Our teams have been working hard on the next releases of Engine PRIME and Engine OS which include some truly outstanding features and new abilities. A few of these features have been requested by our community so we wanted to give you an early look to get your thoughts and feedback. We hope you enjoy these new additions and look forward to hearing what you think!

Here are the highlights of this Engine OS beta release.

New Features

  • Added Dropbox Device Support - Walkthrough Video | KB & FAQ
  • Added Flexible Beat Grid Support - Walkthrough Video | KB & FAQ
  • Added Beatsource LINK Streaming Service - Walkthrough Video
  • Added Track Preview (PRIME 4) - Walkthrough Video
  • Changed Collection Forward Navigation Behavior. Users can now single tap to advance through nested Crates/Playlists/Folders. This can be reverted to the legacy behavior in Utility - Collection Browse Behavior.
  • New Horizontal Layout for Smart Consoles

Important: Please note that this is a beta release which is still undergoing final testing and development before official release. Features and functionality within this release are subject to change before official release. As with any beta, be sure to CREATE A BACKUP of your collection on both your main computer and any media device prior to testing. All feedback should be reported in the Defects & Issues section of this forum category and not on social media channels.

Beta Known Issues


  • Changes are not synced back up to the cloud. We plan to expand Dropbox capabilities in the future including bi-directional syncing but this ability will not be part of the initial 1.6 release.
  • Login is not retained after power cycle.
  • Dropbox folder browsing is not yet implemented. Please use Engine Prime to pack tracks to the dropbox drive.
  • Continuous mode playback is not yet implemented for Dropbox.
  • Recording is currently not allowed for Dropbox tracks.

Flexible Beat Grids:

  • Master does not gets delegated on pausing, scratching or other sync breaking actions.

Other Known Issues:

  • Beta v1.6 does not include SC6000 platter touch improvements found in v1.5.3. These improvements will be included in the final release of v1.6.

Download: SC5000 | SC5000M | SC6000 | SC6000M | PRIME 2 | PRIME 4 | PRIME GO

This version is a USB/SD card update only. If you are not familiar with this process please see this video.



Are beatgrids imported from Rekordbox USBs when converting on Engine OS?

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Hi @Maartenvn - Good question! At this time, Serato and rekordbox beat grid importing is exclusive to Engine Prime. If you wish to use rekordbox beat grids, you will need to import them via desktop version first then transfer to your media device.

Wow truly awesome work Denon DJ. Gonna love testing all these new features. I only thought it was EP that was updated. Just seen OS also for prime. Amazing.

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Me thinks having it on the EOS as well would be a good way of circumventing the new database system (for the time-being anyway) of rekordbox 6, since at the moment they must export to a rekordbox 5 format for their current hardware

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Hello, i am sorry for my confusion …

In my case I have a SC5000M unit.

I have some questions:

  1. Flexible Beat Greats functionality will not be available to use live from the unit, that is, to correct and edit the beat bars as it is done in Engine Prime, but without depending on it, i mean directly on playing from usb?
  2. Is beatgrid streatching functionality avalilable or will it also be available? I think it is the most direct option to correct a wrong bpm calculation, to stretch or shrink the beat grid.


Not yet sir. Hopefully soon

Available in Engine Prime, with the + and - icons in Engine Prime. As above not yet available directly on the players. Hopefully soon.

Ok @mufasa, thank you very much for the clarifications.

I think that not also implementing Flexible Beat Gread in the units can leave, in my point of view, a job halfway.

In my case, and with the style of music that I play, old school and songs ripped from vinyl, I am sure that I will have to adjust “on air”, while mixing, on many occasions.

I also hope that it will be available soon. To be better, at the time of publishing the final version.

It is a highly desired functionality.

A greeting.

For now, the manually gridded tracks in Engine Prime will play perfectly in Engine OS.

And yes i agree that manual gridding on the players is desirable, especially with the streaming folks.

Hopefully soon.

While we all LOVE the updates, why hasn’t there been a firmware update to make the FX beat length 16 or even up to 32 beats instead of a pointless 8 beats … it’s on the Prime2, so why not on the Prime4 ??

There must be several hundred requests and suggestions waiting for consideration on the forum. So, of course, unless Denon bring out a firmware and software release with every single request fulfilled within it, someone, somewhere is going to say “… ok that’s thousands of people made ecstatic, what about me?”

Longer lasting effects might come out in some future firmware, or might not.

Either way, it’s better to focus on the

Rather than the

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We understand not every update will please everyone but we do our best to balance essential/requested features from our users with innovative new abilities (standalone streaming, personal cloud access, etc.) to keep the industry moving forward.

We appreciate all of your feedback (regardless of sentiment) and promise to keep the updates coming.

Thanks for supporting what we do!


Hear that applause? It’s for the amazing display of restraint. :smiley:

I didn’t mean any disrespect at all so please accept my apologies for the frustrated tone, I just don’t understand why the cheaper model (prime2) has the ability to have 16 beat FX yet the higher premium model (prime 4) has limited beatFX functions in comparison. I’m hoping someone, like yourself, might be able to answer as to why the restriction is there for only 8 beat FX loops on the Prime 4. The system must be cabable of it?

The hardware is different. The Prime 4 and Prime 2 have different mixer types. The mixer of the Prime 2 is completely software based. I guess that explains the difference and I’m sure there is being looked into a solution for Prime 4 if possible.

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It might not be a case of “must” - and I don’t mean that harshly.

There might be a reason why some effects can’t last that long on a 4 deck model. Like you can assign effects to one side of the other side of the crossfader and you can apply all four channels to the same side of the crossfader, so the effect might take up more memory when 3 or 4 channels are being processed by the fx systems, more memory than when just two channels are being processed by the effect.

If the length of the effect also takes up more memory, together with more channels taking more memory, then that could be a reason why the effects length had to be kept to a medium length.

And like the primes all loaf up the entire track to memory before playing, so if the usb stick is pulled out during play, the music doesn’t stop playing. That must use a certain amount of memory.

Again, as longer fx take up more memory, maybe there’s not quite enough memory for 4 decks to be buffered for playback and for long effects. None of us would probably like it if we were to try loading a 4th layer and see a message show up saying “only 3 tracks can be loaded when long fx are running, please stop fx to load 4th track”

Again, as the prime 2 only has two channels then that 4 deck buffer idea doesn’t become part of the issue. If indeed it ever was.

No worries at all! It’s important for us to hear these things. How else will we make our products better? :wink:

@addie is correct, they are different internally. PRIME 4 is DSP based similar to the X1800/50. PRIME 2/GO are CPU (software) based. Our newer systems will be using this architecture as there is more flexibility when it comes to adding new and improving old FX.

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Sir, I appreciate that…so much. That’s the first time it’s been answered in a way that kind of sais it won’t happen on the prime 4. I’m just a little gutted as I moved away from my 2 rx’s to 2 prime 4’s expecting everything to be better which to be honest everything IS so much better and superior, just that one limitation with that beatFX as I used to use 16 beat loopFX as a minimum when mixing, flange and filterLFO sounds sooo much better over 16 or 32 beats when mixing.

Thanks again for the answers :+1::+1:

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Happy to help man!

FX are an ongoing discussion for us and we want to make improvements to all Engine OS devices, including PRIME 4. We’ll be sure to keep everyone informed as new features and improvements are made available.


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