Engine OS 1.6 comming soon?

Did you notice, that pinned post about Engine OS 1.6 public beta disappeared from from official Denon DJ Facebook groups (both for DJ gear and Prime / OS). Something is going on… :smiley:

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Covid really does not help matters! quite the contrary. It delays the development of software and OS, because everyone is dispatched … between teleworking or work limited to a certain number of staff in the establishments or by what developers / engineers are in confinement because of risk of cases contact, or asymptomatic, but they do not want to take the risk of infecting the team. Patience !

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Most of people in many countries are advised to work from home if possible. This gives limited contact and flow of information, and eventually results in slower development of things…

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I’m aware of global pandemic situation. I work from home since march. Missing information about public beta give us some information. Either development team has enough data from beta test or the test will be soon over. Which means that, the version 1.6 could be coming soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, it will surely be soon! I would say mid January to early February or before who knows (but I do not believe it too much, since there is the Christmas party and the New Year, the staff will be understaffed or on leave)! In addition, there is a point that could also delay the release of the Engine Prime software, it is that of compatibility with the MacosX Big Sur, because even if it means making a final version, you might as well make one compatible with the latest Apple OS. . Let’s keep hope !!! But I think Denon will come up with something really great. :wink: :innocent:

Engine OS doesn’t run on mac or windows. This is a separate OS (Operating System)

Yes ! Ideally, Engine Os 1.6 and Engine Prime 1.6 would be released simultaneously, in order to have consistency: software (Prime) / os (Prime).

Good spot. That would suggest that something is on the horizon. Its been 3 and half months of testing. I am expecting a good update. Denon always produce the goods. When it lands it will be great.