Engine not syncing with I tunes to update Playlists

Ok so this is the 1st time time since purchasing my prime 4 that ive wanted to add additional tunes from my updated itunes library playlists, which i intended to add into Engine & then onto to my SSD in my prime 4 .

Since my initial installation & uploads Ive updated to the latest firmware for my Prime 4.

When trying to sync playlists from Itunes to Engine & it seems to be looking for album artwork updates it isnt updating the playlists & non of my new music or updated playlists are appearing in engine for me to them be able to update mt ssd in my prime 4 … Am i missing something here ?

Your iTunes playlists don’t update your Prime playlists; there’s an actual iTunes part on the library though, click into that and then click update, it should find everything then.

If your music is on an SSD, and your iTubes library is from the same tracks (not on a different drive), the best way to do it is simply mirror your iTunes playlists to crates on Prime, then simply drag the tracks over. As they are already on the drive it doesn’t duplicate them, and then when you do this for new tracks, it only picks them up.

Sync manager is for Prime to Prime drives.

Hi buddy ,

thats what i was trying to do, syncing my updated Itunes library into Engine Prime by ticking each playlist i wanted updating & using the sync button in the library , but the sync function wasn’t working properly & it wasn’t updating.

In the end I having to delete my playlists in prime & then individually click on each playlist in iTunes in order to upload back into Prime one at a time.

A pain in the backside to say the least but got it done .

I haven’t a clue as yet I’ve lost all of my track amendments Cue points & Beat grid adjustments until i get a chance to give it a go tonight… I hope not .

It may be related to this


You must choose the integration application in Engine Prime “photo 1”, Then in iTunes “Preferences” then “advanced” tab check the box: “share the XML file of the iTunes library with other applications” photo 2

YES ! This is exactly the issue im having… Haw come such a fundamentally basic feature is missing from Engine Prime? Honestly if i knew this was an issue i’d have not bothered coming over to Denon. i buy music weekly & it looks as if i will have to do this extremely long workaround every time i want to load music into the system … It’s just not good enough.

It’s not a long workaround, it’s exactly what I posted above. Takes about 30 seconds per playlist to do. Certainly not a deal breaker, yes it could be better integrated, but then I hate the Rekordbox version that takes a dog’s age (maybe it is because I have got used to it this way).

it’s certainly not the way the tutorial video’s on the site say it should work .

Do you m PE, I’ve never watched that!! Post the link on here for us, I’ll have a look :eyes: