Engine Librarys on two PC


i am using my MCX8000 with two PC (only one at a time :slight_smile: ). What do i have to do to get these two PC with Engine Librarys in Sync? Only Syncing the “DenonDJ2” Folder from one PC to the other? That would be too easy… :slight_smile:

Greetings Kai-Uwe

Hi Kai-Uwe

I haven’t done any testing yet, I just been looking around. But for what I can tell from my findings you can copy the “DenonDj2” folder and that will copy your Engine crates, playlist history etc.

If your are using 2 PC with the same file structure (same music folder on both PCs) you have to copy a hidden folder that Engine creates on each music folder name “.DDJMEMO” which contains all the music file analysis that holds: Cue, Hot Cues, Loops and what so ever.

This weekend I’ll be playing around for a back up system, since I also use 2 PCs and a external hard drive to sync between them.

Note: I use FreeFileSync for updating each PC and external hard drive.