Engine library is corrupt after update to engine dj


i updated to engine dj and there came a big problem! engine library on ED Broeren is corrupt!! now al my playlist ceu point etc are gone!!! ia also got the playlist on the sc6000 ssd disc witch all the ceu point etc but its not posible to import these playlist. this ■■■■■ please help

Apart from having a backup of years of work (which I’m sure you have), you should simply be able to go back to 1.6. The old database is still there and works with Engine Prime 1.6.

En anders mij of @Addie ff een DM sturen. :relieved:

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GREATE UPDATE… :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

UPDATE TO 2.0.ssd not working. Windows engine no working with prime 4 ROLLBACK to 1.6.2

In the ssd of th sc6000 ik worked fine but sadley i cant import the playlist drom the sc6000 to the desktop computer

i did a rollback to 1.6.1 and made a fresh backup! i tryed it once more to install engine dj 2.0 (run as administrator) but stiil a lot of problems. again i went back to engine 1.6.1