Engine Kinks BPM and Analysis

Is there a way to half BPM before, during or after analysing?

I like my Trap and Future Bass bpm to be in the 65-80 range, that’s how it is in Serato DJ but when I dragged some files to Engine the bpm changes to 140 +

Is there a BPM range setting in the software?

I have looked around and can’t find any.


Yep, easily done. Two different methods, if you want to process a batch of music, change your “BPM Range” to 58-115, highlight the tracks in question and re-analyse. This can be done in Engine Prime software (desktop/laptop) by going to Preferences > Library > BPM Range.

Alternatively, on a track by track basis - again in Engine Prime software (desktop/laptop), load the track in question, and click on your ‘Grid Edit Controls’ (it looks like a golf tee icon on the left hand side of the track loaded). From here you have the ability to halve or double a BPM, plus make beat grid adjustments.

Can it be done in the Engine 1.5 for the MCX8000?

That’s what I asked in the first post not Prime.

And not only is it doubling the preferred BPM in Engine .It’s reflecting in Serato too.

Ie Song X 70bpm analysed in Serato. I drag it into Engine 1.5 which analyses it as 140bpm. I finish exporting it to USB and exit Engine. When I check in Serato I see the songs BPM changes to 150.

Can’t Engine 1.5 just read the original Serato BPM and not create a new one on import?

I have deactivated autoanalysis in engine 1.5 but the songs still get analysed when I import

sorry, my bad - I didn’t read the “1.5” part of your initial post

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Does Engine 1.5 play AIFF files? I was djing at a small festival over the weekend and I used my 8000 exclusively with Serato. Another performing dj wanted to use it with USB. I told him to prep his USB via Engine 1.5, he is a Rekordbox guy, so he transferred his new tracks (all original productions btw) to a new USB stick.

We popped it in and it says unsupported format. I didn’t have the chance to start checking bit rates and what’s nots I just pulled the stick and he used Serato.

I think engine 1.5 should be culled. Its such an irritating software.

All attention is being given to Prime now to the detriment of 1.5, Denon is putting its eggs in the Prime basket.

And my fear now they might be working on an MK2 8000 or 8000 Prime Controller which will work with the Engine Prime.

There have been no movement in updating Engine 1.5

I wonder what sales/adoption figures are for the new Prime hardware. Controllers are more ubiquitous than decks and they even get good second hand value. I for one have 3 different controllers.

I previously owned CDJs which I sold.

Now I understand how older customers feel. But I’m not mad so long as Serato works with the 8000 then I’m golden.


Wasn’t it confirmed that it’s discontinued? Makes no sense to have 2 softwares. Only problem is the Prime doesn’t support (not so)older hardware.

Engine 1.x did indeed process AIFF files.

Engine Prime will (as mentioned previously) offer an MCX mode on a forthcoming release.

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Is that statement made officially from Denon? That Engine 1.5 will be shot to death and prime support MCX8000 instead ? I will be happy to pull the trigger :slight_smile: