Engine Itunes integration

Guys I am so frustrated with Engine 1.4.3 that I’m on the verge of returning the unit. I love the hardware but engine is killing me ! I can sync with iTunes perfectly fine - all tracks and playlists. However it does not import “comments” or “rating” from iTunes which I can’t operate not having. Rekordbox in the same machine does this seamlessly but engine only takes the tracks and playlists on a PC. It’s so frustrating not to have this info. Some of it comes over - some does not. When you “reimport track info” on engine from iTunes the comments sometimes come up double - you then lose the star ratings! Has anyone found a work around before I need to send this back :frowning:

Does it not import from Rekordbox? I don’t know as I always use Prime for rating tracks (I’m sure comments come across though if you long press the track, might be wrong though).

Yeah if you reimport Track Information you get the comments (doubles up) but lose the star rating

There is a guy in here (I’ll dig him out) that makes an app ■■■■, worth asking him if his app kills the meta data or transfers it all.

I’ll dig out his name an PM you