'Engine' Improvements for the MCx8000!


I understand the hardware limitations of the MCx8000 in regards to ‘Engine Prime’. Please bring ‘Engine’ up to the performance level that DJs need!!!

  1. STABILITY!!!- Engine 1.5.2 crashes WAAAAAY too often while analyzing music!! The program crashes even if all the music files being analyzed are 44.1. It also doesn’t matter if the analyzation is done in small batches(25 or less files) or large batches(100+ files)

  2. Record directly to USB flash drive in standalone mode. This would be great for recording live mixes.

  3. Add additional efx for Engine 1.5 standalone mode via a firmware update.

  4. Engine 1.5 needs to be able to read more than just 44.1 & read other file types(loss-less file types etc.)

  5. Sampler needs to work in Engine 1.5 standalone mode.

  6. Improve beat grids and BPM analyzing in Engine.

  7. ‘Engine’ needs the ability to analyze music ‘on the fly’ like ‘Engine Prime’.

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