Engine don’t open

The 1.3.3 engine prime don’t open on Mac the 1.3.1 was no problem?

Is your operating system 10.12 or 10.13? El Captain (10.11) support is dropped since 1.3.2 and 10.14 is being worked on

Is there a solution because i can’t update my Mac to a newer macOS ?


So I might assume you have 10.11 (El Captain)? Only solution then is to keep using the latest supported version, download here: https://www.denondj.com/downloads-archives#engineprime/

And meanwhile save up for a Mac / Windows machine that can be updated (new or used). OS X 10.11 was released in 2015 and had it’s last update July 2016. We are now 3 and a half years further and in terms of safety it is not advisable to continue working (online) on a system that is so outdated. I would have liked to have given you a better solution, but you should also understand from development view that they cannot support older versions infinitely

Oké thanks

it’s about a Mac in a cafe and I put him there to help te cafe for playing music and I Know what you mean I will advise him to get a new one

Greats gino