Engine doesn't support tracks witch have BPM over 250

I own a denon mcx 8000 with which I play hardcore and terrorcore.Many of this tracks have 250 bpm +. Engine Prime only supports beatgrids up to 250 bpm. will this be fixed?

Hi @SDA_xxx Thank you for your question, I have passed this on to our software team for consideration in future updates. Maybe explore a different genre in the meanwhile? :slight_smile: Chloe


Ha ha. What about half time 250 = 125 and if you need to use 1 beat FX use 1/2 etc etc

Now googling what terrorcore is :man_cook:

This is very confusing when there are speedcore tracks with 500 Bpm +

A lot of dancing party-goers dont support tracks with a BPM over 250 either though :flushed:

Doesn’t change the fact that the genres exists and that djs are playing those tracks for a audience.

LOL when mixing two tracks at 500bpm, audiences don’t even notice if the DJ is good or bad. I think they’ll even applaud if it turns out to be a 1000bpm mashup…

:joy: Personally I’m into 80s, 90s, 2K, 2K10s and EDM/ House so I usually dont climb above 140 bpm, but still - other djs do…

Yeah me too, playing primarily techno. Hardly above 140, but we had our fair share of hardcore here in NL, so I understand.

Doesn’t change the fact that a DJ in Outer Mongolia might want to mix using two kids sucker-tipped red indian play set arrows and not all the SC5000 controls can be actuated with said kiddy arrows … but should any research be applied to such a minority request, when many many DJs here are asking for more mainstream firmware requests according to other topics

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talk about a future update! when still after months and months you have not yet released the first one! hahaha

Hahaha there have been several updates.

So, the joke is on those who don’t get their facts correct.

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I know, I’m testing the beta 2.0 but the fact is that they have not yet released the final version and have been three months since the last beta!

do beta updates that they tell you not to use in a live setting count though?