Engine DJ, Engine OS & 3rd party (Beatport)


Im not sure if im missing something or not…

OK i have Prime 4, using Engine DJ and have a Beatport subscription as a source. I can use Beatport on the Prime 4 and in Beatport, i make playlists that i can use on the Prime 4. However, there is not any way of starring the tracks. Seeing as the Engine OS doesnt provide any way to star the tracks as favorites or a 1 to 5 grading, this can only be done inside Engine DJ track by track (why?). That means when using any 3rd party source, tracks cannot be starred, favorited or graded because-

3rd party source (beatport) - make a playlist of tracks only Engine OS - use the Beatport playlists, cannot star or grade track Engine DJ - cannot access the 3rd party source to pre grade them

Questions Will Denon every give us the ability to live star tracks on the device? Will Denon every give us the ability to review playlists created on 3rd party sources? Are these already available and i just havent found them yet?

For me, listening to a track in set is very different to listening in a studio so the ability to star a track live would be great.I typically do not sit for hours going through music to give it a star grade. The ability to use a subscription source is great but if it cant be accessed through the desktop software to set up cue points, starring and options are limited on the device itself, it all seems a bit counter…



There’s already a request gathering votes for “in-player star rating”

Why not add one of your ten forum votes to that request

Yes you are right. Take a look at this request and give your vote: THIS

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