Engine DJ Dual screen issue

I use a 3 monitor setup (2 screens connected to a docking station, which itself is connected to my laptop). I move Engine DJ to screen 1 (one of the external screens) and then shutdown the computer. I remove the docking station and start Engine DJ again, I can see in the taskbar that Engine is running, but i am unable to move it to the laptop screen because it is probably visible on the screen that has been removed. I tried adjusting some settings but nothing seem to work. I don’t know if this is an Engine problem or Windows problem. Anyone else having the same problem?

Try this option in windows.

Highlight the app on the taskbar, hold down the Shift key while right-clicking on the app icon on the taskbar, and click Move. And then use the arrow keys to move around the window until it reappears on the screen.

I could not solve it so I connected the laptop to the docking, started Engine DJ and moved it to the laptop screen. Then shutdown Engine DJ, disconnect docking and start Engine DJ. This works.

So I did not test your solution but I learned now that the old Windows 95 Window options are still available in Windows 10! Thank you for that! I am pretty sure your solution is the solution, so I mark it as the solution. However I think the developers of Engine DJ should program around this issue.

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