Engine DJ 2.0 Downloaded, installed - Nothing

Hi all,

First post after trawling through the FAQ I could not find solution. I am usually o.k with finding a solution but I’m stuck and feel silly as its a simple task.

  • I downloaded ‘‘Engine_DJ_Release_2.1.0_c36aad7433.dmg’’
  • Installed no issues
  • Open the program and its still asks do I want update as its still on v1.6.1

Tried restating the Mac, redownloading etc it but no joy. Updated my Prime 4 a few weeks ago By the way.

Any ideas before I leave it at 1.6.1.

Do you see two engine apps when you search for engine with spotlight?


Thanks very much, I feel so stupid now. I was expecting an update, not an additional program added.

Got it up and going, all seems to have synced too just in time for the new monitors that arrived today! Thanks @Lukas-We

It is a separate app, in case You would need to go back if something goes wrong. Also the new app is using new database.

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