Engine Crashing whilst transferring tunes from Engine to SSD in Prime 4

Hi Chaps !

Ok so Ive had my Prime 4 for 24 hours now.

Spent all day yesterday consolidating my i tunes folders form my MacBook pro onto my iMac.

I then added my ssd to my Prime 4 & this morning formatted it & transferred all of my music & play lists from iTunes into Engine.

Im trying to transfer my music from Engine into my Prime SSD & it was going fine for the first few thousand tunes but in the last hour Engine has crashed 5 times, now make that 6 it’s done it again no warnings no errors appearing nothing . it just stops & closes down …

Anybody had similar issues as this is not filling me with confidence in the system at all … it even closes when i try to expand to full screen…

Could be a track - corrupt, non engine friendly letters causing the crash.

is the SSD exfat or fat32?

Are you using sync manager or drag n drop method?

Ssd is ex fat & im dragging one huge list over, ive successfully managed to bing over all of the smaller individual playlists over now but my master music file is the one i have an issue with , i think it possible due to the amount of tunes in there … Dont know really , i’ll try again on Tuesday haven’t got time now unfortunately to sit over the think & make sure its not crashing …