Engine Connect Problems

Hi guys,

So I’ve been playing around my new setup (one SC5000 and one x1800) and so far I love it!

When I first used the setup everything worked as it should, but now I am having some trouble with Engine Connect not working properly.

So far I’ve had 2 weird things happen:

  1. The cue buttons on the mixer dont every change to their correct colors (i.e colors of layers A & B on sc5000) and the engine connect button doesn’t light up or allow me to turn it on when I press it or hold it down. I even tried to go to the settings and change it from Auto to Manual but still nothing.

  2. This one only happened one time and I cant reproduce it but the Engine Connect button will turn on, then it will just turn back off. I’ll press it to turn it back on, and then it turns back off again. The cue buttons also do not change colors.

Also, sometimes the Network indicator on the SC5000 will light up and sometimes it wont. I’ve tried turning on the SC5000 first and then the mixer, as well as vice versa to see if that would help but still nothing.

I’m running firmware 1.2 on the SC5000 and 1.1.1 on the mixer

Any help?

I had a similar problem (Cue button colour on X1800 didnt match). I found out that I didnt put the Link cables correctly in the HUB. Maybe that could be the issue?

No, the problem I was having was that engine connect would never actually activate. I made sure the Ethernet cable was in it’s correct HUB input.

I was also having an issue where engine connect would just stop working in the middle of a set. It would just turn off as if it lost the network connection.

It seems to be working now though. Not sure what it could have been. I’ll post an update a couple days from now just to confirm everything works as it should.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

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ok almost certainly your problem is the network card. I had to send the mixer to service. He almost never connected me. If it was ok, he would connect once in fifty. Replaced the card everything is back to work. Apart from the Hot Cues that with the last update there was a deterioration in their use. I hope that this will settle in a short time, because I’m finding out that they are very long in releasing the fixes

Ya, the problem is still there. It connects just fine when I first start up the mixer, but after a couple of songs it just disconnects. The problem is that I cant tell if it is the player or the mixer that needs to be fixed. I guess the only way would be to go to guitar center, or something, and test the mixer and player with ones that they have.

@REIS who would I talk to so I could get my units serviced?

Well, simple, you have to go to the store where you bought it and try to test it with another console if it’s in store. I did so and we saw that it was just my mixer that had problems with the connection. The shop has shipped to the official Denon repairer for repair.

Did not want to start a new topic.

Here @Reese

I have only one player connected (SC6000M)

Its on the right side of the mixer (X1800)

  • Ethernet connected to Port 3 on mixer

  • Digital RCA Layer A = Channel 3

  • Digital RCA Layer B = Channel 4

  • For some reason the Engine Connect is not working. BPM is stuck at 120 or whatever i tapped last.

  • Held down Engine Connect button and made sure the decks are assigned.

Any ideas?


  • Never Mind


A quick restart of the mixer sorted it. :innocent:

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