Engine Connect Denon X1800

Hello there folks, I have the Denon X1800, if the mixer is shut off let’s say a couple of hours the engine connect works when I start up one SC5000. As soon as I turn on the other SC5000, the engine connect light goes off and disconnects. If I turn the other player off it comes back on, on the first SC5000 that I turned on. That deck is plugged into Ethernet port 3. Eventually the engine connect button starts to flicker on and off, the on air mode goes off and engine connect doesn’t come back on. The players see each other, the LAN port lights are lit up but no engine connect. I suspect a faulty Network Card. Sounds like it needs to be serviced. Mixer is just over a year old and out of warranty I believe but before I decide on spending a large some of money to have it serviced, I just wanted to see if any other X1800 owners may have run into the same problem. Thanks for any help.


Did you checked the Firmware versions for X1800 an SC5000 to ensure the have the latest Version running?

Yes, everything is up to date. I just turned it on now as I write this and the same thing happened. Engine connect comes on, the cue light is the same as the SC5000, I turn on the other deck, engine connect light goes off. Now the only the SC5000s show up on the network not the mixer. Lasted for about 5 minutes

The same thing happened again just now. Connected for a couple of minutes then cuts off. Mostly Ethernet port 3 and 4 work, nothing on 1 and 2.

In the state it’s in at the moment when switching the FX channel assign, channel 3 is the only one that shows up with a engine logo next to it in the second screen. All the other channels say auto next to them and the tap light is lit. Engine connect button is not lit nor are any Ethernet cables plugged in. When the cables are plugged in the situation is the same.

Hi Greg,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your prime network! Someone from our support team will be reaching out to you today to take a closer look. They can work with you on service options if that becomes necessary.