Engine connect button on x1850

Hi all just got my new set up and have been getting to know the mixer x1850

I have the SC6000’s connected to the way and linked the decks to each other.

Looking at the manual it says that button 48 is the Engine connect button. (Sits under the two usb connections on top of the mixer)

The manual says if you press this button it should enable the mixer to receive timing and bpm etc. When I press the button it does not light up like everything else.

Is this right? Is there anything else I can do to check if the Engine connect is on and working? I don’t think it is, the bpm counter on the mixer always seems to be slightly off or guessing. For example registers 125.5 when my decks are set to 126bpm.

I hope this makes sense? It’s difficult to put in to words. As I said the mixer is new to me so if I’m doing it wrong or missing something obvious I know someone on here will set me right.

Thanks in advance for any advise :+1:t3::blush:

Then Engine Connect on the mixer is not available.

You need to connect the players to the mixer.

Thanks @Reese I copied the first connection diagram in the manual, I see now your referring to the second one. I didn’t realise the Engine connect is not available yet. I will do it now :smile:

Just connect to the ethernet port number corresponding with channel number where you would want layers A of both players to be on.


Perfect thank you @Reese works a treat Engine connect button lit up like Christmas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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