Engine cannot locate files after device name change

I´ve recently cleaned my device and deleted all files there afterwards I put the files again back to the drive but then I noticed Engine can no longer locate the file since I also changed the name of the drive. Any solution?

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Hello @Rodfors Welcome to the forum.

For now the best and only option is to change back the name of the drive to what it was before.

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Yeah need to keep the drive names and folder locations so engine can open those when checking it’s database.

Its like looking for your keys but your wife decided to put them in a new place. You know where they are as you put them in same place every day.

At the moment I don’t think EP can do a “relocate” action.

Nope, not yet.

Then you search the whole house

“You” = Engine Prime

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There is always an option to ask the wife, or force a confession :wink:

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sometimes she will not tell you where it is…i remember a friend couldn’t find his passport once when the boys were planning a weekend away.

the missing passport conveniently was found a day after he missed his flight.

live and learn

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“Honey, where is my super suit?” -Frozone