Engine app for IPad update


I couldn’t find much on the IPad version of Engine regarding a update as iOS 11 is being released soon. and I get messages saying this may not work, due to developer not updating app. It will be disappointing if this does not get a update to run on IOS. As this how I use my setup.


From what I read online, they won’t update the Engine 1.0.1 app. MCX8000 doesn’t use it and SC2900 & SC3900 players are considered pre-inMusic hardware that isn’t supported.

Hi Slay,

Yes you have confirmed what i was dredding, i hope it may still work on ios 11. i could not upgrade to 11 when it is released but then it is not secure.

well thanks for the quick response


when it stops working, get a cheap small win netbook and install Engine 1.5.2 on it and network it with a lan cable with the players instead of the ipad.

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That seems like a plan :grin: Thanks for the advise mate.