Engine 2.0 SoundSwitch / Hue connectivity issue

Hi team!

I have successfully updated to 2.0 on my sc5000m’s and all is good except I cannot for the life of me get my Phillips Hue lights working through my sc5000s.

I have followed the set up video from Denon and everything is fine and in order. I can view the lights I have selected with it he SoundSwitch panel on my sc5000 - all the lights I selected in the Hue app to create a new entertainment area are all reflected.

However, in the panel where you can see the light layout and theoretically be able to touch each light on the panel layout and they should activate (as per the tutorial video) nothing happens. I have also tried pressing every other button in the control section and no joy.

I have set up under the simple set up as I do not have a SoundSwitch subscription.

I’m no tech wizard but also I’m no noob either. I am very familiar with Hue lights as I have about 30 in my Dj set up (yes, I know I can only select ten but hey!).

So any thoughts? This feels to me like a bug - I’ve triple checked EVERYTHING! Ive even reset the hue control hub connection.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Super keen to get this up and running!



Have you more than one entertainment zone?

Pop over to the Engine Lighting forum and have a look there as the team behind it are looking into it as we speak.

Awesome!! Thanks mate, will take a look.

Mate I just deleted the other entertainment areas and it works!!! Not sure what I’ll do about the other ones I’ve deleted as they’re actually used on another room but for now I have Dj lighting!! Yeeeehaaaa!!! :pray::pray:

Mmmm… maybe spoke to soon. It’s intermittent at best and then disconnects and stops working and won’t reconnect and then connects but won’t work… the perils of a new major software update I guess…

Ahhh. Happy that you got so close but it’s a shame that it stopped after a short time.

I’ve seen a report of it failing after it started. I think the developers are on it so hopefully we’ll see a 0.1 version fixing these little glitches.

Thanks for your response.

I did have more than one, and would like to retain for general house use.

However, when attempting to set up I did delete all zones and set up one new zone. Unfortunately this did not work.

Any solution / support is greatly appreciated.


Let’s hope that they get to the bottom of it soon. They are aware and seem to be working on a solution as Matt from the Lighting team has extensively tested it for hours/days on end.

I wonder if there is a configuration that some users have that wasn’t present on the test gear? It could be anything from firmware to settings of multiple entertainment zones.

I’ll keep checking back here too and see how it all pans out.

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