Hi Denon, Please please please start checking your software updates before releasing them they are getting worse every time with bugs. I just downloaded the 2.0 update …

The following features are now gone!

  • re-ordering tracks by dragging them into place (playlist)
  • creating folders/crates (NOT PLAYLISTS)
  • Playlists only allow you to keep the order you drag them in, in.
  • Delete from playlist function gone, it now deletes it from the entire library
  • The duplicate drive to another drive is completely redundant and dosen’t work
  • No function to undo last command (ie accidental delete)

This has just resulted in me accidentally deleting over 300 tracks with cues as i assumed delete from collection is the replacement for delete from playlist as there is now a delete from drive… they both do the same thing!

i cant explain how frustrated i am with your new product. I have loved denon but these software issues may end up in people going back to pioneer.

Please resolve the above & let me know how i can fix my issues caused by the useless new software update.

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Just sort by # to be able to drag to order

Crates are essentially the same as playlists, the only big diference is that crates don’t let you have a ‘play order’

Deleting from collection always delete from collection and from playlists, on any version of Engine. If you delete from a playlist, it won’t delete from your collection.

Wrong, if you order by # you can change your play order.


Lol - just because yooooou don’t like a couple of its methodologies doesn’t mean it’s as you’re describing

Not a great first post, Jordan.

Try introducing yourself first, then ask your question in a polite manner - you’ll find the responses to your questions less focussed on how you asked the question, and more focussed on answering the question you asked. At the moment, you come across as someone who doesn’t know how to use the kit.