Good bives to all. I have installed version 1.6 BETA for testing, and I have several issues and doubts. When I try to transfer the collection to the dropbox, it does not give me the capacity that I have in this service (3 TB) but the remaining capacity of the hard disk of the pc, so I cannot upload my collection to the DROPBOX.

And another question or doubt is that in this same cloud you cannot upload music in mp3 format, or another, without analyzing, and be able to use it at any time. It only allows you the songs or collections that have gone through the engine and are analyzed.

Why do I want my collection in the cloud, if I already have it on a pen, or internal disk of my prime 4.

The ideal would be the music that is not analyzed so we forget about an external disk and be able to work with a total autonomous system.

What’s up @MIROSKYS,

I view the Dropbox feature as being your main library/crates in the cloud, or serve as a backup in the event your hard/usb fails you or if you forgot your music.

Also, I feel it’s key to have your music ready to play, meaning analyzed and in crates. That way your music is formatted and ready to play when you need to access it. Keep in mind that Denon is designing this with the expectation that you will be playing on their equipment. It’s not to their benefit to make the music ready to play on Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor, or any other manufacturer’s equipment (i.e. Pioneer Nexus). Case in point: Rekordbox is not autonomous for playing on any system.

That’s possibly because you have the desktop app, which as you are trying to upload to Dropbox is (naturally) looking for your native disk capacity. If you delete the desktop app and simply use the web interface, does it not upload then (btw you wouldn’t then be able to reinstall the app, unless it simply uses cloud files like OneDrove does, ever really used much Dropbox other than the free part).

To interact with engine and dropbox, the application may be installed and you are registered, and not via the web, it is not recognized by engine. so I can’t put the library in dropbox

There is a little checkbox inside the dropbox tool, which turns off file sync to local hdd. I think that should be turned off, so the internal hdd size should not matter anymore. have had the same issue. after turning off sync to local drive, I could copy my whole library. “But I tell you - it is a very long process xDD … 48h for uploading the tracks to cloud. And the dropbox internally also takes that amount of time … But I think … if that is done. It´s a good backup place.”

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I do not want a repeater, I watch music on another player, for that I have purchased my prime 4. What I say, that the use of duscomovil for specific events and not fixed in a club. Many times the videos are not the best, I bring the usual or most requested music in the bowling that he made on the internal disk and a copy on the external one, but also a lot of music without analyzing, because in the events they ask you for varied and different music . how much on this album and use from time to time. With what I do not see practical the issue of a backup and dropbox, for events. Yes, I see it, for as well you comment for if the disk is damaged, and change it, but I also have it in the engine, with what I say saying that this collection is not practical, with all "the devices that you can connect to the prime

But surely you can’t lay this at Denon’s door? If DropBox isn’t allowing you to upload as you don’t have room on your anti drive, that’s your issue. Have you thought about putting your DropBox folder onto a cheap external drive (4TB for £80)?