Engine 1.6.1 Missing Library!

This is the third time I posted about this issue. I got no response the first two times. I can’t submit a ticket on the DenonDJ support site because it keeps saying I did not provide a receipt. Since when is there a receipt for Engine Prime? At this rate I will switch to Rekordbox and buy Pioneer when it’s time to upgrade.

When I upgrade to Engine Prime 1.6 or higher, my library disappears and I get a spinning circle next to the Collection search box. When I downgrade back to 1.5.0 everything works as expected. I’ve tried to install 1.6 several times and get the same issue. I have a video of the problem.

Upload the video pls! Got issues myself sometimes with collection

Your database is probably screwed up - 1.5.0 ignored db errors and allowed you to continue using the software as normal, 1.6.x not so much.

Please use the PDF attached in the following post to manually correct your database files:

Here’s the vid of the issue. Dropbox - Engine Prime Error.mp4 - Simplify your life

The db files check ok. The db-journal files all say “Error: file is not a database”.

Because they aren’t db files. You could try moving those journal files out of the EP folder, generally they shouldn’t be created unless something has gone wrong.