Engine 1.52 won't start


My windows 10 (64 bits) laptop, won’t start Engine 1.52

It started one, after that it won’t start anymore.

After 10 times, it starts one time. When I make a crate and put some music from Serato into de crate, it crashes.

Why won’t this work normally ?

Does somebody know a good solution ?

Hello again,

Today I started Engine 1.52 on my Imac. It’s a Core I5 with 8 gb ram, 2,5 GHz

The first time, the Engine worked for 5 minutes and crashed. After this crasch, it crashed every time in seconds.

Now I used 3 pc’s, two windows pc’s and a mac. All three with Engine problems.

Have you looked at solutions posted in other Engine 1.5 topics here?

Hello Slay,

The only two things I could find:

1 delete the Denondj2 folder at your pc 2 choose only 5-10 song a time

Both options didn’t work.

When it chrashes, I started Engine again but it didn’t start. When I inplug the harddrive and start Engine, then the software starts. Then I plug in the hard drive and minutes later the same crashes.

you mean, crashes when you try to analyze files on the hard drive that you plugged in?

Anyway, try deselecting the option analyze files during import into Engine and then first import files and then later right-click and select analyze. If that doesn’t work, try selecting some 50+ files, make a copy of them in a folder somewhere and delete their metadata (id3 tags) and then try to import/analyze them. They may have some metadata that Engine is having a problem when trying to write (oversize cover art etc)

Hello Slay,

Thanks for your help and your reply. When I use my Imac and follow your last post, then it will work !

Thanks for solving this problem !!!