Engine 1.52 vs Engine Prime

For my MCX8000 I wanted to use Engine 1.52. But it doesn’t work. After double click the software, it doesn’t start. My laptop: Windows 10 / 64 bit.

I installed as a test Engine Prime. The program is stable and starting within a second. I can put music on the usb stick, without any problem. Only thing is that my MCX8000 can’t read it.

But there’s a big difference between the stabillity of these software.

Within a short time, can we use Engine Prime for the MCX8000 ?

In the future, yes, you’ll be able to use Engine Prime to create a database which the MCX8000 will be able to read.

Old Engine utilised Quicktime, a widely available, free audio player which used to be supplied on pretty much every new computer sold, and could be downloaded from Microsoft etc on any computers which didn’t have it. However, Quicktime and its support files were then removed from OS installs. (Not a Denon decision), which lead to issues when trying to run old Engine, which needed those support files to run.

A forthcoming version of Engine Prime won’t give MCX8000 all the Prime features (there’s a huge difference between the two units) but will allow MCX8000 users database saving etc.


Hello Gee,

Thanks for you answer !

I bought the MXC8000 because of the standalone function. With the Engine 1.5.2 and a laptop with windows 10, 64 bits and Quicktime installed, It doens’t work for me. After double clicking the software, nothing happens. When I use the “prime” version, everything works well. Only thing is that my MCX can’t read the files now.

So you make me happy if I can use a good version of the software, zo that I can save my songs at usb and use them on the MCX.

Just let me know when there’s an update or something else I can use.

Thanks !

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