Engine 1.5 on IMac issues


Hope somebody can help me please. I have 2 X Sc3900’s and used to use the Engine app on my iPad until IOS 11 was released.

So I have a old iMac and installed Engine, I have used El Capitan and Sierra (not High Sierra). So when I connect the two decks to the router and then to the iMac, no problems connecting just when you play a track from the deck with the hard drive connected, it starts to stutter on the time counter and sometimes cuts the sound out of the second deck. Now this does not do it when the iMac is not connected, so when you link both decks together it works fine and when the iPad used to be used it was fine.

So it’s something between the router and iMac causing a issue, I have gone through the settings the best I can in the router, oh I have tried 2 routers as well my original Netgear and a old BT Hub 5. Turned off wireless and wan.

Not sure if anyone has router settings they can help me with or is it a Mac thing with Engine.

Sorry for the long description and hope it makes some sense.

Many thanks


Typical after writing all this and I seemed to have found the solution.

So if anyone has similar problems to what I described above, just go into your router and give each device a reserved IP Address. So far so good will update if it changes.

I am a big fan of having local networks of this kind with fixed IP addresses.

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It works a lot smoother, but you need to delete the Denon folder often. As it crashes all the time.