Engine 1.5.2 Crashed in Win 10

First time - I run a folder with over a 500 tracks, with supose to do a set mix. Crashed. The message was that the files was no audio file supported, I was think about that my files comes from different sources, and as well, some dj’s like hungarians - have different caracters spelling. So I modiffied the caracters into normal.

Second time - Tryied again. Without succes, same message : the files are not audio supported. And as well - something about engine library. I pressed No on the first instance, after that I pressed Yes , but without any results.

Third time - I do a repair on the Engine. Unsuccesfull ! Same message. Fourth time - I deleted the engine, reinstalling again. Same thing. Fifth time - I converted all the tracks to 320 kbps on 44.1 khz. No results.

Tomorrow night I have a gig. What I am supposed to do, 'cause I’m going with my MCX in standalone mode and I cannot analyze them ?

First: you can use non-analyzed files on mcx8000. Slow loading of waveform and no playlists but - possible. Second: you really havent given us any info to go. Are you trying to import files into Engine or exporting your tracks to usb stick? Have you seen other threads here for solutions?

“Audio file not supported” isn’t a crash… its valid information.

Audio file wise, files which aren’t 44.1 kHz sampling rate or are otherwise poor quality eg <128kbps will be identified as “not supported” you’d need to assess with your ears whether you want to keep such files and convert them with a 3rd party convertor to a more common (stereo, constant bit rate, 320kbps, 44.1khz ) format, or whether you just want to replace low quality (eg: 64kbps) files with fresher versions.

The manual for your unit covers which file types are accepted

For non-analyzed files, I only need a poor smartphone with headphone jack to plug into a mixer. What is the point of Hot cues then ? What is the point of BPM [non-analized files don’t show you the bpm]. What is the point of beat-matching ? What is the point of looping parts of a song ? And the last question - What is the point spending over £1000 for a controller ? To play non-analyzed files ? For what I’ve seen, SC5000 Prime can do that instantly, but I don’t own a player like that, so my concern is for my machine.

Yeah = trying to import into engine and after export on my usb stick, wich also I need to put’em again, to show me everything , including the key Yes- I found somehow a solution on this forum. I had to move all DENONDJ2 Folder into another partition and start to working fine. Now I have all my tracks analyzed and moved into stick. I had to spend a lot of hours resolving that.

by the way - the tracks that I used to converted were done on 320kbps/44.1khz. Twice ! And the engine was still crashed until i had to move all DENONDJ2 folder

Good tip for others. Thanks -

The point was that you asked for a emergency solution (as seen above) and I offered you an advice to make through a single gig and also pointed you to a solution for the Engine problem in other topics. Your response was one of a spoiled child (5x of “What’s the point…”) .

You didn’t even had to post a topic, there are at least 5 different older topics here about Engine 1.5.2 crashing and all of them contain the same solution about deleting the DENONDJ2 folder that contains the corrupted database.