Engine 1.5.2 Build 0008 - Tracks order with imported playlist

Hi all,

I’m trying to get Engine tracks order right.

What i did -

  1. Created in foobar2000 m3u playlist with track ordered, then imported into Engine - no luck, ordered by Engine logic.
  2. Edited in foobar2000 all 39 tracks ID3 tags with right “track number”, so it looks like 001, 002, 003 etc, but Engine does not read these tags.

Also tried many times to delete Engine DB and reimport tracks, but still same.

Any help, please?

For what hardware are you trying to prepare the playlist?

Ohh, already got it :slight_smile: I have mcx8000. Engine - right click on tracks - and reload information or smtng.

You do know that mcx8000 with fw 2.0 can use Engine Prime prepared playlist? I strongly recommend you update and switch, you will get additional features on the unit (beatgrids etc)

Tried with Prime, but mcx won’t see copied playlist on USB drive.

Because you need to enable mcx compatibility in options and use a special export option to usb. Also, firmware of the unit needs to be updated.

Firmware is up-to-date. Thanks for suggestion, I’ll try and let you know.