Engine 1.3.1 don't start on Win 10

I tried in different ways. Restart, reinstall, start as admin, etc. The Software don’t start up on my PC. Any solutions?

I had this, do you have multiple monitors by any chance?

If so disable one of them temporarily then the software will load and you can re-enable.

I think this is a bug.

no i use my laptop with a single display :slight_smile:

This is what you’re miffed about? EP not opening?

Try opening it with the second video card. Worked for me at least…

First, ensure the drive you have your library contained on is connected.

Ensure that your “Music” directory in Windows is pointing to a directory which contains your Engine Database.

Attempt using compatibility assistant in Windows 10 to run the software in compatibility mode (it will autodetect settings for you).

Ensure your copy of Windows is registered and up to date.

I have just Updated software on engine prime no it won’t open any help anyone

As The Engine Prime is still of need then I also would be unhappy of Engine Prime did not open for me. You are question of him why he is unhappy for this ? I would be unhappy

I posted that to find out if this issue with EP is his only problem motivating this post…

He might have simply returned everything. Not sure.

it’s working

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If it’s of any help. Today I have Re downloaded engine prime 1.3.1 from the Denon Dj download page and it has reloaded over the one from the forum link and works on 2x windows 10 laptops without problems opening or scanning at present, where as previous attempts from link failed on both laptops to open software.Maybe give it a try yourselves. Good luck

After I installed Engine 1.3.1 the splash screen would pop up then closed. Try this fix, it worked for me. Uninstall Engine Prime, go to your Music and delete the Engine Library folder, then go to the C> ProgramFiles>EnginePrime folder delete the folder. Once you reinstall EP those folders will reinstall. Now if Denon can fix it so EP from crashing when searching the DB for a track if you mistype the track name, we will be golden.