Engine 1.1.0 Crashing

Upon loading the new 1.1 version for the first time, it crashed with the following message:

“Engine Prime has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

So I uninstalled, reinstalled as an admin and still the problem still exists. Restarted the computer, too. Windows, I5 with 8gb of RAM.

I hear that you can’t go back to 1.0, so I’m worried all my work for the past 6 months on my main SD card won’t work again. Would love some help fixing this problem.

Hi DJTgro Sorry that you’re having this difficulty. The graphics on the Engine 1.1 are enhanced compared to ver 1.0 so I would suggest checking that the computers graphics cards drivers and DirectX drivers are all up to date.

Hi Gee - thanks for the reply. All graphics cards and drivers up to date (Direct X 12). Any ideas now?

The next step would be to try a different computer as a comparison as the majority of 1.1 users are not experiencing what your computer is doing.

Trying it on a secondary laptop. Don’t know if it’s the computer - only happens when I load my SD card (main music collection for Prime) and try to do anything with songs on it (i.e. playlist). Will get back to you, for sure.

Works fine on the laptop. SO…my local IT guy thinks I need a new video card (as the new Direct X may not be compatible) and that could be causing this issue. Going to explore that solution more, perhaps in the next day or two and give you an update.

Ok, let us know how it goes with the new video card.

Engine Primes graphics have been enhanced as per users requests, so an older video card might not be able to match all of Engine Primes requirements now.

UPDATE Bought a new video card (more processing power for the video side of how Engine Prime operates) and it works like a charm! So something about the update from 1.0 to 1.1 created a new hardware requirement on the video side it appears (intel graphics driver / direct X?).

I look forward to future updates with the Engine Prime platform, a few more features hopefully in the works (year filter and cfade/relay play for mobile gigs). Otherwise, I am loving this Prime setup!