Engage/ disengage sync - delay?

I typically use sync when mixing on the GO as I’ll I’m going to do is use the pitch slider to match the bpm numbers anyway.

However, in a set I am planning, I will be dropping the bpm considerably for a section. It seems that you can’t just disengage sync and then use the pitch slider to change the tempo. It just remain static. If you move the pitch slider up and down a few times, it will suddenly and unpredictably engage, which obviously isn’t ideal. Essentially I will be doing things like creating loops and then gradually increasing the tempo before ending the loop, then turn sync back on and continue at the new tempo, or vice versa.

Am I doing something wrong?

You don’t need to move it up and down a few times.

If the GO had to use example -5.4 percent pitch to make an automix work then you just have to slide the pitch controller to where -5.4 percent is. Just once, and control of the pitch number will be reconnected to the pitch slider.

It’s sometimes called Soft-takeover

i agree. soft take over is not the best most ideal - it should be auto take over full time… leaving this soft take over rather than auto leaves nothing but error for ERRORRRRS playing live., its just not fun. denon… if you change this one thing… you will steal the game.