Enable a view for each layer

Enable a view for each Layer: the view associated to the layer would also be shown when switching layer.

The goal is to reduce the time necessary to either:

a) switch both the layer and the view by doing it in one action, considering that performance view is appropriate for the track/layer playing and that browse view is to select the next track on the other deck.

b) reduce the time to identify the layer playing and avoid accidents.

It is useful to see the performance view of the track playing when switching back to the layer playing rather than keeping the browse view of the layer used for the next track.

For a good reason performance view is automatically shown when loading a track.

Why loose this view when switch back to the layer playing, as we are selecting or have just highlighted the next track in browse view on the other layer?

For many reasons during a mix multiple layer switches are often required.

During the layer switch this would avoid pushing on the view button.

Switching layers and views separately sometimes creates confusion, beside taking a second to do it in two steps.

Having a view for each layer would also improve layer identification, especially for the performing track/layer which is critical.

We already have several visual clues such as platter color, Deck ID (a colored “1A” and “1B”), waveform and playhead on the screen.

However in the situation where both tracks are playing, it takes me too much time to be confident about the deck playing and the deck used to select the next track. Sometimes I accidentally stop the track playing, despite considering safety features.


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