Emulation analogue sound profiles of mixers famous for their sound

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? hey the x1800 is a digital mixer. shouldn’t it be possible to implement here sound profiles, that the x1800 sounds like old famous mixers like rodec, or allrn&heath? give them a try
  • How will this feature help you and others? everyone would buy the x1800 to have personalised sound.
  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? nope
  • Does a workaround currently exist? never heard.
  • How often would you use this feature? aleays
  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add?

First off, this probably isn’t even possible from the standpoint of making accurate “emulation profiles” of an entire mixer (beyond the tone control section, see Traktor or a DB4), but even if it was possible, you’d have to start from a flawlessly-transparent starting point on said digital mixer you’d use them on. The X1800 is perhaps the most veiled, mushiest, and driest-sounding digital mixer I’ve ever heard. It actually sounds closer to a classic Numark DM-905 analog mixer than any digital mixer… and I own most of the brands of the digital ones and quite a few analog ones. No glare. No etch. Not as much refinement or clarity as other digitals, either, but what exactly are you comparing this to back to back that you need more “analog-like” sound from it? Take a SPDIF and go through the X1800 and then from there into an outboard DAC. Then try connecting just direct to the DAC from your source. You hear what I mean? Heck, I want less analog sound from the X1800, and it certainly isn’t transparent enough already just in its audio processing alone to be used for the feature you’re asking for.

Thanks for your answer I got you’re point. It’s good to read here anyone who write good bout the sound. I have two mixer. A digital x1800 and a analoge Rotary from master sounds. These two I Switch from Time to time and I absolutely satisfied with…