Emojis in Engine Prime?

Hi! I’m wondering if anyone has been able to use emojis in Engine Prime? I’m thinking I want to use them in cue points, but I’m away from my gear right now. So… can anyone confirm? Thank you!

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Have never thought about it, but had to try :joy: Havent testet how it will come up on my SC’s, so dont know if it will make any conflicts on Engine OS.

On my way to bed, so dont wanna start packing a usb and pull out the flight now.

(This was only for test-purpose in Engine Prime)

But here’s where the sax starts.


Oooooh, nice - that’s part 1. Thank you!

You are welcome m8. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fun little experiment before nighttime… If no one else chimes in on how it will appear om the players within the next 12 hours, I will do a test tomorrow.

That said, I believe that ‘special characters’ can create conflicts in any programme, so if its usable on the long run, I dont know.

Part 2:

It’s where the cool stuff begins… :sunglasses:



I like to name my cues with what is is (eg: drums) and the time (:44). Being able to use emojis should be able to make the names of the cue points all fit without having to use an ellipses for the long names. Thanks so much, @Engell and Reese! Also, I love that tune, acid forever :smiley:


OMG. What are the emoji codes for these?

I just went to www.emojicopy.com and pasted it in Engine Prime.


And for the drop : :boom:



That’s a cool idea, didn’t even know you could rename cue points.

Noooooo way … what a nice idea xD :rofl: :joy: :+1:

Yea, could create conflicts. But they are no special characters in the tag, but only in the database for the cue points. So there should be no trouble (if engine prime doesnt make trouble …)

It’s maybe the kind of thing that other software could get sick about though. Like if using converting software or Trying to use those emoji’d files in other dj software

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I haven’t tried labelling cues, but quite a few of my serato playlists have emojis in, & they work fine.

serato grab

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This would be a good option for Denon to offer a few emoji options hard coded into Prime/Prime OS so we can select from a handful (microphones/drums/sax).

Loving that they show up!

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Why else have the color screen :man_shrugging:t2:

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