Ejecting Drive taking long time...something wrong?

I just got done creating my first playlists and the Prime software appeard to be ready finished. So I ejected the drive to safely remove it and go plug it in to the SC5000 and 15 minutes later, here I am. Haven’t had this issue before I had playlists. Any suggestions?

Whats the brand and model of the USB drive/media ?

It would be worth trying a different USB stick - especially avoiding any drives which offer bloatware such as data encryption, auto backup or other special features.

i have the same issue , every time i had work done on my main portable hard drive i have to close engine prime because when i use the eject button it sits idle forever. on the 5000 it works as it should bloatware should not be a problem because (on a mac) you format it to exfat so everything on the disc is erased ,not sure about the windows part drive works as normal on the 5000 when i use usb sticks with content on it i can not replicate th problem

Kingston Datatraveler - have never had issues with them. I eventually (when I came to bed last night) shut it down and it appears there are no issues yet with the drive. Will test today.

unfortunately, some memory sticks have more than one partition, or present themselves as two different drive letters. So a format doesn’t alway remove the bloatware. Some memory sticks even need a piece of free software to be downloaded from their website to facilitate a full removal of all their bloatware, advertising, utilities etc.

Drive works fine still. Must have just hung up on the out for some reason.

I had the same problem but was able to shut down engine and the drive was fine (using windows pc)