Effects using turntables update

Currently using a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 with 2 x SL1210’s and want to upgrade to a genuine 4 channel controller with effects for turntables.

I’ve read its not possible on Prime 4, but it’s been hinted at that this may happen in a firmware upgrade. I would buy one instantly if this feature was added. Any news?

Just bought the Serato DVS upgrade for Vinyl use but did not check it yet. But for sure you can use the internal Serato effects which are 1:1 mapped to the controller.

Or do you mean if you play “real” vinyl through the mixer? Did not try that yet but i believe the effect section should work fine for the phone inputs since its a hardware mixer. If it doesnt that would be another major fail of that unit.

That’s clearly in the Prime 4 user guide:

Note: When using Line Inputs, only the Filter Sweep FX will be available.

You can like the feature request to get it onto the radar: https://denondjforum.com/t/fx-bpm-detection-for-line-in-external-devices/12752

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The sweep FX’s work with vinyl. I’m hoping they bring an update for the main ones aswell because it’s like a basic mixer for turntable’s at the moment.

I’m assuming you are looking for a standalone solution (i.e. no laptop required). The MCX8000 will do this. The effects (althought limited) will work on external components (turntable playing recorded vinyl). The onboard effects are limited to echo, phaser, noise, HF, LF.

Check at the 4:45 mark on my video review below:

them effect’s you listed are labelled as sweep FX on the unit