Effect FX2 on "Roll"

Effect FX2 auf “roll” auf Deck 2 funktioniert wieder Mal nicht…auf Update Version 1.6.2…

So you confirm that with 1.6.1 the FX2 ROLL effect worked fine, but now with 1.6.2 it doesn’t work again? :thinking: :thinking:

This is crazy, it took us months to get that bug fixed, and now it’s back? :triumph: :triumph: :rage: :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hi, ja leider wieder da…warte noch auf Bestätigung anderer User ob das Problem bei denen auch besteht… Habe erstmal wieder 1.6.1 auf mein Prime 4 geladen und es funktioniert wieder einwandfrei…

Gruss Lui

We await verification by the other guys and then open the report.

It would be better to write in English on this forum, thank you.


Two steps forward… One step back. :confused:

… unfortunately does not run synchronously as on deck 1 … and I like to play with this effect … what a shame … hope that denon dj crew can fix this …

If you are not using Tidal, I recommend that you go back to 1.6.1 :wink:

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Is still a step forward :+1:t3:

Hi, I use Tidal … so far it runs on 1.6.1, in the near future definitely not anymore … so an update, as soon as possible …