Editing track info not as easy since the latest update

Since the new update I find that I am now unable to edit track title information. I can edit the artist and album info still. This is somewhat annoying. Also, the remove from crate and remove from collection options are still next to each other which is crazy - I thought they would have been moved away from each other in this new update

Clearly the Denon dev team aren’t based in Hawaii - they’ve learned the importance of not putting important buttons directly next to each other in that state! haha :wink:

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We’ve added a suggestion/request for the two menu options of “Remove from Crate” and “Remove from Collection” to the list of things for consideration by the Development team, together with a suggestion for both commands to have a “Are you sure that you want to remove this track from the crate / collection?”

I’ve tried editing track title info on Engine Prime 1.1, both the Windows and the Mac version and can perform a track tile edit on both the hard drive and the usb still collection without issues. My method was to click twice on the title, with the clicks about a second apart, make the edits using the keyboard, then click anywhere else on the screen (apart from the title).

Could you describe the method for editing the track title text please Darren?

same as editing the artist etc which i’ve already said works (double click as you say). i’ve managed to get the track edit to work twice and that’s all. 99.9% of the time when you try to edit track title the software just reloads the track for playback. i’m not daft i know how these things work, it works the same as rekordbox for track title editing (which i’ve been using for years). there clearly is a floor somewhere with the software. also, not relating to this as such, but if i want to delete a track from a crate, if i use the search to locate the track and then highlight said track and click delete from crate, the track does not delete. you have to list tracks in alphabetical order to find the track then delete (which works). this is another floor in the software.

I have exactly this problem too. I can’t edit the track names. This is quite fundamental for those of us trying to tidy up our music libraries in the engine software. Is there any update team denon?


I get mine to work quite easily - click, couple of seconds click again. Only issue is it doesn’t write to the ID3 tag, so if you reanalyse it gets over-written back.