Editing Metadata In Engine Prime

This is a bit of an interface improvement suggestion. When I’m in Engine Prime and am editing track megadata, instinct (for me) says double-click a field to edit. The double-click instead loads the track. Perhaps there’s another way to do it, but actually find the single-click slower and causes some accidental erasing of data. Thanks!

Hey Marcos, We took a cue from iTunes here partially because a lot of people are familiar with that workflow. Since the dominant action one would take would be to load a track to deck, this makes the main function easy to perform.

If double-click were to edit, would you be fine with having to drag a track to deck to load it or would you expect something else to do this action instead?

Can you also clarify how data accidentally gets erased? I would like to know more about what you’re running into.

Thanks, Vince

Thanks for the quick response, Vince. I’m not an iTunes user so that likely leads to the unfamiliarity with the UI workflow. I was previously a Windows Serato user and that’s where most of my experience has been until recently.

I typically use a mouse or trackpad to navigate through the music library, but like using the spacebar to start/stop the loaded track. The erasing of data is occurring when I’m navigating through my library and click on a track and it goes into edit mode unintentionally. If I hit the spacebar to stop the playing track, it erases a field of metadata. Luckily the ctrl+Z works to undo the mistake.

This is totally an avoidable user error, though I do wish the editing track data mode was activated more intentionally. On second thought, I probably wouldn’t change the current double-click functionality for loading a track. I do like that and I would expect a shortcut for this action, but maybe a right-click or something similar to start editing.


Marcos, Thanks for taking the time to explain your workflow. I can see how this could trip people up and we’ll consider how we can improve upon this going forward. Cheers, Vince